Mr. C.A. Ariyathilaka

Mr. C.A. Ariyathilaka

He was born in 12th August 1894, as the second son of Mr. C.A. Odiris De Silva . He did his primary education in ST. Thomas College, Matara, and he went to Ananda College, Colombo, for his secondary education.

After his father donated the Saram Siriwardana Walawuwa to the Rahula College, he became the manager of the school. (Those days, there was a post called “Manager”, in schools.)

He married with, Ms. Roslind Samarasekara who was the daughter of Mr. N.W. Samarasekara, who was well-known as the “Matara Thelkade Appuhami”.

Rahula College was not the only school which got the help of him. He also helped to Gunarathana Vidyalaya, Palatuva , Maharaja Vidyalaya, Navimana, Rajamaha Viharaya, Hittetiya, Mahamanthinda Pirivena, Matara.

He died on 22nd June 1969..