Mr. F. Gordon Pearce

Mr. F. Gordon Pearce

When Mr. F. Gorden Pearce wanted to open a English school for Sinhala Buddhist children of Matara, he asked about it from the Sinhala Buddhist social leaders of Matara. There were many leaders like members of parliament, businessmen, but Mr. F. Gorden Pearce couldn’t find any suitable responsible person to handle this. But Mr. D.T.W. Rajapaksha Notharis Ralahami was attended about this.

He got together with some other leaders, and discussed about opening a English school for Sinhala Buddhist children, under the advises of Mr. F. Gorden Pearce , and as a result of those discussions, they abled to start the Matara Buddhist Education Association. He became the secretary of the association because he worked hard to made the main goal of the association a truth. Under his leadership, they were able to open a school called Parakramabhahu Vidyalaya in a rented building in Main Street, Matara.