Past Principals
001 – Mr. G. William De Silva

001 – Mr. G. William De Silva

It is considered that being able to learn in Rahula College is a fortune that one can rarely have. It is also considered that being able to work in the staff of teachers of Rahula College is a luck. Principals have said that it is proud to be a principal of Rahula College. Then no doubt, being the first principal of the Rahula College is not important only for being the only person who able to have the fortune of being the first principal of Rahula College, by being the first principal of Rahula College, he also becomes the first, who leads a generation of students, who will be giants of the country’s social-economic-politics fields, in the future. That was the chance, which Mr. G. William de Silva had, as the first principal of the Rahula College.

Mr. P. William de Silva wanted students to make their mind according to that days motto of the school, “I’m a true Buddhist”. We can determine how his thought has came true by looking at the old boys of Rahula College who playing main roles of Sri Lanka Government and private sector and even in international organizations, as well as looking at the students of Rahula College.

Normally, there are so many problems occurring about administration and management in the beginning of a new school. But in Rahula College, those problems were not occurred, because Mr. C.A. Odiris de Silva and his family were very helpful to Rahula College in administration and management. But the challenge to the principal and the administration board was to registering the Rahula College in the government. “There are schools for children to get English education in Matara, then what is the need of a new school ?” the officers of education department questioned. Also, they worked in the law against the parents, who gave education to their children in a school, which wasn’t registered in government. But Mr. P. William de Silva was decided to continue the school through those problems.

In that process, the discipline of the students and the perseverance of the parents were a power to the principal, and with the help of the administration board, he worked hard to register Rahula College in the government as a government founding school.

Finally, Mr. P. William de Silava was abled to make the school registered, with the help of the Mr. F.G Pearce who took part in starting the Rahula College. And the number of students and teachers were increased, quality of education was developed, he gave Rahula College a good foundation. That’s why he told at a meeting of the OBA, like this,

“The happiest time of my life was the days I spent with my pupils at Rahula, and I often recall their affection and corporation during the whole of my career at Rahula.”