Past Principals
002 – Dr. C. Amirthalingam

002 – Dr. C. Amirthalingam

Sri Lanka can be named as the first Asian country which had the unity of all religions and all nations. That was before the Sri Lanka get the independence. Because of that reason, that unity can be seen in Sri Lankan society-economy-politics. That was also continued in the education field. One example for that is, selecting a Tamil Hindu person, Dr. C. Amirthalingam, as the second principal of school like Rahula College which started for developing Sinhala Buddhist education.

But Dr. C. Amirthalingam was not only a normal person. He was a member of well known “lingam” brothers of Sri Lanka, like “Panchalingam”, “Nagalingam”, “Sundaralingam” and “Thyagalingam”. They are all was leaders of their professioanl fields.Dr. C. Amirthalingama was a graduate for science.

When Dr. C. Amirthalingam start his principal-ship the number of students were about 150, and number of teachers were 12. He continued Mr. P. William de Silva ‘s works as well as starting new works in school. He became popular among students. He attended about both education and sports. Some times he played with students and joked with them. But he managed the descipline of the school well.

During his days, the “Cambridge Senior Examination” was introduced and it treated higher than the “School Leaving Exam”. Dr. C. Amirthalingam made parents of students attended about those eaxminations as well as students. He looked after about the status of foods and comfortness of the hostel and hostel students, even after the school time. He also taked care of the needs of the staff. He organized somany items for developing the inter-connection between students. He also gave them presents.

When Dr. C. Amirthalingam was the principal of Rahula College, Mrs. C. Amirthalingam, his wife, was the principal of Sujatha Vidyalaya.

He used clever and old students to teach in little classes. It is normal that ocurring problems even to a educated man like Dr. C. Amirthalingam, when outer-foreces are working on the school. At last he had to say “Good Bye!” to Rahula College, because of those outer-forces.