Past Principals
003 – Mr. J.R. Bhart

003 – Mr. J.R. Bhart

Rahula College had given birth to revolutionists as well as national leaders and intellectuals. A principal like Dr. C. Amirthalingam , who was very popular among students, had to leave the school because of the behavior of some ill-mannered students. Those students destroyed documents of the office as well as buildings, furniture and other properties of the school. At a time and environment like this , Mr. J.R. Bhart was fearless to be the leader of the school. He worked as the acting principal of Rahula College from 01st September 1936 to 01st February 1937. That was until Mr. D.J. Kumarage to come as the principal of Rahula College.

Mr. J.R. Bhart was a “Brahmana” of India. He was a graduate for science, who wrote so many books about science. He didn’t came to Matara with his family. He stayed at school hostel. Mr. J.R. Bhart was a vegetarian and preferred making his meal himself.

With the process which Mr. J.R. Bhart started, the discipline of elder students was again appeared. Peacefulness of the school was began to increase. This is a example for the administration-skills of Mr. J.R. Bhart. After starting the peace of the school, he organized sports events, literature events, art works among the students and he also stated “Poya day sila vyapara” at the school. Mr. J.R. Bhart also observed sill with the students.

After being the act-principal of Rahula College, he organized a special general meeting with the help of Mr. C.A. Ariyathilaka , at the Rahula College. At that meeting, number of citizens of Matara was participated and the lectures were done by Sinhala leaders like Ven. Narada Thero, Mr. Raja Hewawitharana, Mr. Henry Amarasooriya, Mr. David Vanigasekara, Mr. Panditha Gunawardana. All those leaders asked Mr. J.R. Bhart to help to protect Rahula College. Matara citizens seconded it with no doubt. In that way Mr. J.R. Bhart led Rahula College to a better track when it is January of 1937. Then he handed Rahula College over to Mr. D.J. Kumarage , who was the next principal of Rahula College.

J.R. Bhart was a principal who had a shorter service time at Rahula College, as a principal. But Mr. B.P. Ariyawanasha , who worked with Rahula College about a half of his life, said,

“If the changes made in Mr. J.R. Bhart’s time was not mentioned in a document which is about history of Rahula College, it will be an incomplete history of Rahula College”.