Past Principals
004 – Mr. D.J. Kumarage

004 – Mr. D.J. Kumarage

Ven. Panditha Valivitiye Soratha Thero who was a well-known thero in Sri Lanka, told about Mr. D.J. Kumarage, like this,

“I associated with Mr. Kumarage for a long time. I learned English from him and I taught him Pali, Sinhala literature and Buddhism. As a teacher, he is noble. The things that can never learn by other teachers within month or two, he taught by day or two. He was talented to take the students to the targets by short-cuts and easy-ways. His thoughts were noble, kind and he hadn’t a aim for money.”

Soratha Thero expressed a thing which can never be told by number of books, with in a sentence. Soratha Thero told a thing which can be never make understand by saying thousand times, by simple and understandable way. Those feelings would only be generated for a person like Mr. D.J. Kumarage, who was a teacher and a student to him.

As all normal persons, he could have so many faults. But those faults were considered as the abilities of Mr. D.J. Kumarage, by the people who know him. Then they also made those things as their abilities. Mr. Don Johannus Kumarage is a good example for our motto, “Aththanan damayanthi panditha”. The staff of teachers and the students named his period in Rahula College, 1937 – 1956, as the “Golden Era of Rahula College”, because of that qualities of him. On his days, there was a General Meeting of Students on all Mondays at 8′o clock in the morning. Students considered that is a wonderful event in Rahula College. As they learned Art, Science or Maths in the class room, they learned all other qualities of the life at this meeting. While a Buddhist bhikku teaching how to continue life according to the Buddhism, Mr. D.J. Kumarage and Mr. Justin Wijayawardana made students love about their mother land and the nation. They build students personality well. They managed the behavior of the students. They taught students about the humanity.

Feeling the comfort ness of the heart-shaped grass land in front of the Saram Mudali Walawuwa, Rahulians planted good human qualities in their hearts. Number of Rahullians who were taught by Mr. D.J. Kumaraghe, are now leading the country and nation. But, to feel that happiness, Mr. D.J. Kumaraghe is no longer among us. He passed us away on the 12th September 1978. But a sound will echo until the world’s end, saying, “Those are the Rahullians of Mr. D.J. Kumarage’s era!”