Past Principals
005 – Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha

005 – Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha

Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha was born in the same year that the Rahula College born. He spent more than half of his life with Rahula College, as a student, teacher, assistant principal and a principal.

He entered to the Rahula College, when he was so young. He stepped into higher classes by two-classes-a-time by having scholarships, not class by class. He participated in many sports teams of school and he became the leader of most of them, and he became the first, who entered university directly from Rahula College. He returned to Rahula College after completing his degree. He became a shining star in the Sri Lankan sky of education. He had a personality that can be seldom seen in a person.

The ceremony of handing over the school to Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha from Mr. D.J. Kumarage was held on December 1956. The most anxiousness time of the ceremony was, while the students, who were sad about Mr. D.J. Kumarage ‘s leaving and happy about Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha’s arriving, looking at the two principals, Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha first worshiped Mr. D.J. Kumarage , who was once a teacher of him and looked at the students and said “My dear Rahullians…”. Actually, it was a golden moment for Mr. D.J. Kumarage , than Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha.

In 1956, so many changes were done in the Sri Lankan social-economic-political fields. But Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha didn’t allow Rahula College to lost her personality and the glory. He introduced zoology to Rahula College’s science field. He cared about the art section in the school. Because of that reason, students who passed the grade 5 scholarship, stopped going to schools in Galle or Colombo, and they entered to the Rahula College. He reconstructed the play ground, and he tried to supply the needs of the sports. He continued activities that a school has to generally do, like, Inter house sports meet, Prize giving and publishing magazines. The result of that was wining the first prize of the “All Island General Knowledge Competition – 1965″

There was a big difference between assistant principal Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha and the principal Mr. B.P. Ariyawansha. When he saw some bad behavior of a student, assistant principal Ariyawansha didn’t reported it to the principal Mr. D.J. Kumarage , he talked to that student, gave some advises and left that student away. But when principal Ariyawansha saw a bad behavior of a student, he found the student himself and gave a punishment.