Past Principals
006 – Mr. B. Suriyaarachchi

006 – Mr. B. Suriyaarachchi

Mr. Buddhadaasa Suriyaarchchi was conspicuous in Rahula College as a principal who was fearless to follow the traditions and also when wanted, make changes to the traditions.. He worked as the principal from 01st March 1973 to the March of 1979.

Mr. B. Suriyaarachchi changed the way of using the Log book, on his first day in Rahula College. Those days all the happenings in the school were written in the Log book, names of absent teachers, teachers who came school late, teachers who left the school early and all the things. But Mr. Suriyaarachchi wanted to write only special events of the school in the Log book.

He was the principal who started a oath ceremony for the school prefects, other than accepting a prefect’s responsibility silently.

He learnt in Richmond College, Galle and also worked in it’s staff of teachers. After some promotions he became the principal of Rahula College, and entered to the way which so many great principals in Sri Lanka had follow and will follow.

If there any difference between Rahula College’s golden era, Mr. D.J. Kumarage ‘s time and his time, it is only the difference of the time.

It is reported that the best results for G.C.E. Ordinary Level in the Rahula College’s history was got at his time. And the college’s athletes team broken the national college record for 100m relay. He awarded by the government several times. From Rahula College, he went to Richmond College, Galle. After that the president selected he as the principal of Royal College, Colombo.