Past Principals
007 – Mr. A.H. Godavitharana

007 – Mr. A.H. Godavitharana

He was the second Rahula old boy, who became a principal of the Rahula college.

He started his education at Sujatha Vidyalaya and entered to Rahula College on 1948. After that, on 1958, he entered to the university. He abled to receive the “Nihal Samarasekara Scholarship”, in 1957, which is for the students who are talented in science. He was always silent than other students in the school.

A branch of Sri Maha Bodhi, Anuradapura was planted in Rahula College, by the President of Sri Lanka, Hon. Mr. J.R. Jayawardana, on 1980.That was a special event in Matara district. On the same day, the first stones of Kumarage, Wijewardana, Dharmapala buildings, were placed. During his days, the status of Rahula College’s administration, education, sports and other school activities were, in a high position. That’s why the Minister of Education, Hon. Mr. Nishshanka Wijayarathna came to Rahula College with officers of Ministry of Education, and wrote a special minute in the school Log book.

In 1982, Mr. A.H. Godavitharana abled to receive a scholarship given by Australian Government for the best school principals in Sri Lanka. As a result of this, he went Australia for the course named “Secondary School Management”, conducted at the International Training Centre, Sydney. It can be considered as a personal victory of Mr. A.H. Godavitharana.