Past Principals
008 – Mr. P. Wijewardana

008 – Mr. P. Wijewardana

Most of the principals who came to Rahula College, had relationships with village than with the urban. They knew the villager and the culture of the village. Therefore, it was easy to lead students, who was closer to the village than the town, to grow in a Sinhala Buddhist environment. Mr. P. Wijewardana, who became the principal of Rahula College, in 1983 was a that type of principal.

After learning in the village’s school, he entered Devapathiraja Maha Vidyalaya, Rathgma, and finished his secondary education well and started his professional life as a English teacher. After that, he got a degree in London University and abled to become a principal in his age of 35. Then he entered the “Sri Lanka education administration service” in 1983, and became the principal of Rahula College.

Those days, there was not a peaceful environment in the Sri Lanka, those behaviors appeared in some students and teachers. However, he fearlessly accepted the challenge of being the principal of Rahula College, in a time and environment like that. He took the responsibility of protecting students, not only in the school, but also outside of the school, and visiting army camps and police stations became a part of his career.

The idea of National Schools was introduced in a educational reconstruction , and Rahula College became one of first 20 schools that named as National Schools.

Rahula College started an Information Technology Unit and education ministry gave 3 computers, and old boy Mr. D.E. Nihal Emmanual, England, presented a computer to that unit.

The very first school cricket team which was sent for a international cricket tournament by Sri Lanka, had a Rahulian in it, Mahinda Ekanayaka. Mr. P. Wijewardana organized a inter-school quiz competition among the schools of Matara district.

Teaching English from the grade 1 was started, and teaching science to the primary section was also started. He planned a laboratory for that. He was the principal who decided to take only 40 students for a class.

He led the old boys association to right targets and organized a drama festival to collect money for the OBA.