Past Principals
009 – Mr. Mahinda Jagoda

009 – Mr. Mahinda Jagoda

There were so many advises given by the reports of national college section of Education Department and Education Ministry, to accelerate the progress of Rahula College. Mr. Mahinda Jagoda was a principal, who selected the points in those reports, one by one, and did a rapid development in the school.

He did his primary education in Mabotuvana Kanishta Vidyalaya, Galle. After passing Grade 5 scholarship examination, he entered the Vanduramba Maha Vidyalaya, Vanduramba. It was the first grade 5 scholarship examination held in Sri Lanka. After a successful secondary education in Vanduramba Maha Vidyalaya, he entered College of Education, Maharagama, and then he returned to Vanduramba Maha Vidyalaya as a trained teacher.

He got the B.A. degree while working as a teacher and became the principal of Vanuramba Maha Vidyalaya. Then he again went to College of Education, Maharagama and learned about education administration, and selected as the principal of the Rahula College. During his days, the hidden skills of Rahullians could be revealed, and it was helpful to increase the proud of Rahula College. He abled to improve the results of G.C.E. Advanced Level, which were already in a eminent place. After a long time, he abled to introduce a student, who got four “D”s.

He was a principal for a short time like a year, form February of 1986, but during his days the teachers and the students of Rahula College abled to show a better development in the college. The society was not a peaceful one during that time, but the staff was abled to protect the students. He got the help of School Development Association, for that.

He build the wall around the college, security room, repaired the buildings, got electricity to the college. He developed the library and the laboratory, and restarted the sports of swimming, gymnastics and football.

After leaving Rahula College in February of 1987, he worked as a Administration Officer of the Educational Department of Southern Province, and then became a administrator of the teaching – assessing – experimenting section of Souther Province’s school’s. After that, he became a ass is tent secretary of Educational Ministry of Southern Province and finally, he retired in 1992.