Past Principals
010 – Mr. N. Weeratunga

010 – Mr. N. Weeratunga

The education and the sports of Rahula College was in a good situation, but last few years the college didn’t had a permanent leader. Number of principals came, stayed a little time and went. Mr. Nanda Weerathunga was a principal who came in that type of time.

In 1987, the old boys were seeking a good principal for the college, and found Mr. N. Weerathunga, who was a principal of a school of Sandalankava. They asked him to come to the Ministry of Education and selected as the principal of Rahula College. The unpeaceful environment of Sri Lanka, was not strange to Matara, and Rahula College. The challenge to Mr. N. Weerathunga was to introduce the peacefulness to the Rahula College.

He started a complete record book of students, set of rules for the students with the help of the School Development Association and the Old Boys Association. He started a special scoring system for the old boys, when they entering their children to Rahula College.

Mr. N. Weerathunga is a famous writer. He had written more than hundred books in Sinhala and English about many subjects. He is the first who compiled a book in Sinhala to learn Arabic language. His geography books were recommended for government schools and registered Pirivenas, by the government.