Past Principals
011 – Mr. A.M. Liyanage

011 – Mr. A.M. Liyanage

In many educational institutes around the world, there are some conflicts happening some times. Also in Rahula College some disputes occurred few times. When Mr. Ariyasinha Liyanage became the principal of Rahula College, Rahula College was covered with that type of dark shadows. But he abled to restart the relation between teachers and students and, he took back Rahula College’s peaceful environment again. He made students love about the school, than their home. He helped to make international sports-men from Rahula College.

He learned in Mahinda College, Galle and completed his degree in University of Peradeniya. After that, he became the principal of number of schools, and worked in many posts in education field. That experiences he had, were helpful to lead the Rahula College.

To improve the students’ abilities of speaking English, he started English Speaking Associations in the college. He started a rest-room for students to get together and share their ideas.