Past Principals
013 – Mr. Sarath Gunarathna

013 – Mr. Sarath Gunarathna

Mr. Sarath Gunarathna, who became the principal of Rahula College on 10th December 1998, is the fourth Rahula old boy, who became the principal of Rahula College.

He entered to the grade 4 of Rahula College from the Dual Language School, Nakulugamuwa. He entered to the University of Peradeniya in 1961 and became a teacher in 1964.

As a principal he firstly worked in Bolana Vidyalaya, Hambanthota. In 1976, he went to Thera Puththa Maha Vidyalaya, Ambalanthota. He worked till 09th December 1998 there.

Number of the students was 5014 and number of teachers was 167, during his days.