There are four houses in The College. They are named after 4 historical figures in South Asia.

House Ashoka

Named after the famous Indian emperor, who was responsible for the spread of Buddhism in Asia, House Ashoka’s colour is Red.

House Gemunu

Blue is the colour of House Gemunu, and it is named after King Dutugemunu, who united Sri Lanka under one crown in Anuradhapura Era, throwing off invaders from India.

House Parakrama

House Parakrama is named after the King Parakramabhahu, the First of His Name, who reigned in the Polonnaruwa Era and made the country self-sufficient. Yellow is the colour of this House.

House Vijaya

This House is named after the Prince Vijaya, who is believed to be the founding father of Sinhala nation. Green is the colour of House Vijaya.