Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff


Mr. F.Welage – The Principal



It’s with  great pleasure and honour as the 16th principal of Rahula College, I convey this message to the official website of the school.

The commitment and professional capabilities of all the past principals and their yeoman service paved the way to uplift the name of mother Rahula in Sri Lanka and overseas. It is immeasurable. I firmly believe, every school which has a great history, uses ways and means to preserve the school culture, identity and dignity.

In the year 1923 southern people got a valuable decision to establish this educational center through their generous contribution, presently providing vast opportunities to the student community to find their future paths successful. We all should understand the positive trends of both local and international and mould the present student who is enriched with knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfill the future demands. I am certain that the college name would be strengthen if we all work together using innovative ideas and be dedicative to achieve the well planned targets.

I wish to extend my wishes to the college webteam for using their talents to update the news about the school and make aware the former students and well wishes.

Francis Welage,


Administrative Staff

  • Mr. F.Welage – The Principal
  • Mr W.D.S Sapukotana (Deputy Principal)
  • Mrs J.K Lalani Kumari(Deputy Principal)
  • Mrs J.K.R Jayaneththi(Deputy Principal)
  • Mr W.V.G Athula(Assistant Principal)
  • Mr. Nihal Abewickrama(Assistant Principal)
  • Mr S.R Jayawardana(Assistant Principal)
  • Mr. W.M.P. Wanninayaka(Assistant Principal)
  • Mrs. Chandra Kulasingha(Assistant Principal)
  • Mrs. G Padmini(Assistant Principal)